Brand - Tbau
Customer - Bavaria Group
Country - Russian Federation

Nowadays a product packaging is more than a container, is required to be a meaningful object able to create a connection between product and consumer, values and needs, brand and collective imagination. It is designed to speak the language of the target audience the brand wants to conquer.
This is why, with the aim of repositioning TBAU to appeal a younger target, Bavaria decided to revamp its famous PET bottle introducing also an eye-catching premium version.
Tbau is a pure spring water that originates at a protected area on the North of Caucasus Reserve and gushes from Tbau mountain where it is collected. Bavaria asked Gentlebrand to design a new bottle shape and a new label to enhance the natural component of the water in a modern way.
Gentlebrand designed both a mainstream (1.5L and 0.5L) and a premium version, with the latter the Packaging Tailors worked on a minimal cylindric shape which is now a trend on the market and gave more space to the outstanding label.
Thanks to a game of full and empty spaces, the stylized graphic of brand elements like the mountain and the ibex and the smart use of brand colors, the product is easy to recognize on the shelves.
A bran new project that supported the customer in its objective of making Tbau water a trendy product.