Brand - Smily
Customer - Gentlebrand - Packaging Tailors
Country - Italy

Hard Seltzer are sparkling and flavored drinks with a refreshing and lively taste known for their low alcohol content, a sort of soft drink that falls into the category of beers. A product that was first created in USA back in 2012 and saw a spike in popularity only in 2019 then booming only in 2020, conquering consumers all over the world. Hard Seltzer are innovative and creative products not only in terms of formulation and taste but also in terms of packaging: coloured cans with eye-catching and irreverent graphics.
A trending product for which Gentlebrand wanted to develop its own proposal.
The Hard Seltzer is most popular among young adults aged 20-45, who we’ve noticed more and more to be advocates of a healthy lifestyle but who at the same time love fun and moments of conviviality accompanied by laughter and a good drink. This is where the naming "Smily" comes from. The graphic part is in fact designed around this word, the leitmotif of the evenings with friends, and playing with the "smile" non-verbal language increasingly used among young people to communicate with each other.
This is Smily, the colorful and irreverent Hard Seltzer that appears on the market with cans designed to represent the different flavors, each personalized with an emoticon that identifies and distinguishes the aroma of each variant. A captivating look designed considering the target audience.
Thanks to Zincopar, a company with which Gentlebrand has been collaborating for several projects now, it was possible to create the entire range of cans by testing different printing technologies, evaluating the different outputs and then arriving at the final prototyping of highly qualitative cans.