Naturali & Momenti

Brand - Naturali & Momenti
Customer - Sanpellegrino
Country - Italy

An Italian icon for 90 years, Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling drinks has been proudly bringing Italian style and quality to more than 95 countries, capturing consumers’ hearts all around the world.
Today, Sanpellegrino unveils the new packaging for its Naturali and Momenti products. All-new and refined, the image supports the premium positioning backed up by the products’ elevated Flavour, Quality and Experience and founding values like Heritage, Italianness and Naturalness.
The project involved revisiting the Brand Identity of the Italian Sparkling Drink portfolio and developing a new Visual Design for the main SKUs (cans, glass, PET bottles) and their secondary and tertiary packaging. Through in-depth analysis of the market and target, Gentlebrand was able to define the strategic drivers for the new identity and come up with several alternatives, from conservative to disruptive innovative designs, that didn’t overlook the brand’s family feeling and iconic elements. After defining the route and new image, the project also involved creatively interpreting each flavour in the portfolio (more than 18) and localising the design to the culture and standards of USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.
Along with design services, Gentlebrand provided post-design “quality check” support. This meant prototyping and constantly checking Sanpellegrino suppliers in order to ensure optimum print quality and uphold Gentlebrand’s value proposition of providing creative and actionable packaging solutions.