Kazbek Aqua

Brand - Kazbek Aqua
Customer - Bavaria Group
Country - Russian Federation

Kazbek-aqua is a famous Russian water brand belonging to the Bavaria group portfolio. Such product is well known on the market for the excellent taste and the therapeutic properties of its waters that come from the Mount Kazbek glacieries.
Bavaria Group is revamping the image of its iconic products with the aim to position them nearer to a younger target and they entrusted Gentlebrand with the restyling of their 1,5L and 0,5L PET Bottle for Kazbek-aqua.
The packaging tailors started to analyze the target audience of the brand, the new positioning and identified the proper values to communicate with the new packaging.
The result is a sleek bottle with a modern and sporty appeal. The blue and light blue label was designed to recreate the Caucasian mountains in the background, recalling the origins of the water as well as its purity. A unique touch is given by the white outline of a mountain inspired by the Kazbek one and that was designed putting together the initials of Kazbek-Aqua.
Image provided by Bavaria Group