Brand - Ever
Customer - Gentlebrand - Packaging Tailors
Country - Italy

Thomas Edison once said “There is a way to do it better, find it” and this is what the Packaging Tailors do with their R&D projects, everyday.
Ever, is one of these.
A brand developed for a fine mineral water that springs from the mountains. The name recalls its unique origins, the purity and freshness: values that were highlighted in the Brand Strategy developed by the team. The visual identity was designed accordingly, considering the distinctive elements and values pinpointed before as well as the target audience: nature lovers and sporty people. The result is a simple yet refined packaging shape enriched by an eye-catching label which is characterized by a refined interplay between full and empty spaces giving an overall three-dimensional effect. Indeed this is the most innovative part of the project. From the empty spaces left on the front label, the majestic mountains printed on the back one are clearly visible. The water completes the game by creating the distortion needed to make the logo like appearing from water and dominating the mountains. Available both for sparkling and flat products, the bottle has been prototyped inside Gentlebrand’s laboratories, ensuring a sustainable production using 100% Recycled PET and Tethered cap.