Brand - Cetina
Customer - Naturali
Country - Croatia

In spring 2019, the Croatian company Naturalis introduced to the market Cetina’s new brand identity and the packaging designed developed by Gentlebrand, known at that time as PET Engineering.
The Packaging Tailors team took care of the entire restyling by creating a new image that allowed Cetina to differentiate itself from other competing brands by enhancing both the purity and the natural component of water and the origins linked to the famous Dinara Mountain.
Thanks to this success, Naturalis has entrusted Gentlebrand with the creation of a special edition packaging to celebrate the appointment of Monte Dinara as the twelfth natural park in Croatia. The premium 1L PET Bottle of Cetina, is inspired by the mainstream packaging created in 2019. The outline of Monte Dinara is still embossed on the bottle body, the shape is now linear and sleek in line with the new positioning expected by Naturalis. The iconic elements of the brand enrich the new label, redesigned removing all colors and keeping it clear to create an amazing play of transparencies between the front and the back which is enhanced by the distorting effect created of water. As a result, the Cetina logo almost seems to come to life, catching the consumer's sight.
Gentlebrand took care of the study of the brand strategy to identify the correct positioning of the special edition of Cetina and then declined everything in a packaging design and a label that gave Cetina the elegant allure that has always distinguished the brand by elevating the product on the shelf.