Brand - Aroma
Customer - Gentlebrand - Packaging Tailors
Country - Italy

Globally, people are starting to pay more attention to the issue of plastic waste. Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods industry players require feasible and easy solutions to put in place: with Aroma, Gentlebrand brings its contribution to the beverage industry. Usually the bottle is perceived as a product created by label and cap so in the recycling process the label is rarely disposed-of correctly, ending up contaminating the stream of Rpet. Although in recent years alternative materials to PVC have been introduced, the pollution created by inks and glues still remains a problem. Gentlebrand has developed an easy and quickly implementable solution: Aroma. The 100% clear rpet recyclable bottle that revolutionizes the product system by
introducing a bottle neck label made of organic seeds paper. The label will be perceived as a distinct element, favoring its correct disposal, moreover the use of vegetable inks and the absence of glues makes it fully recyclable. An eye-catching packing that gives you freedom of expression on its label, and on the body of the bottle, customizable with embossed decorations/writings allowing for infinite skus with limited investments thanks to Competek’s moulds insert and supervent technologies. Available for both still and sparkling water with tethered cap, Aroma is the innovative packaging that meets both brand, sustainability and investments’ needs.