Brand - Aquarius
Customer - The Coca-Cola company
Country - Spain

Aquarius the iconic hydrating drink for sport people in the Spanish market has step by step conquered new horizons, becoming the perfect drink for all people and for all occasions. Such new positioning needed a coherent packaging and The Coca-Cola company entrusted Gentlebrand for the development of a new label and packaging design for the formats of 0.5L, 1L and 1.5L which are by the way made in RPET.
The objective was to create a fresh and attractive packaging to appeal all consumers and that facilitates even more the differentiation between variaties and flavours. The out-put is a simple yet modern eye-catching shape pared with a blue label that truly reminds to the freshness of the Drink. Gentlebrand supported also The Coca-Cola Company team with exclusive prototyping services, to enable them evaluate all the aspects of the new bottle, label and film wrapping before the official launch.

Visual provided by The Coca-Cola company.